Maxima Knotless Tapered Leader 5x  7.5 ft Clear

Maxima Knotless Tapered Leader 5x 7.5 ft Clear

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Two types monofilament line with two distinct properties are fused into one to create the perfect leader for fly fishing with Maxima's Knotless Tapered Leader. The suppleness of Maxima Ultragreen on the tippet section allows the fly to move naturally and appear real on the water. At the butt end, Maxima Chameleon offers the right amount of stiffness allowing the leader to roll over freely and lay out more smoothly. The unique matt finish of the product with light asborbing properties makes this leader effective. This Maxima Knotless Tapered Leader has a 5x leader and is 7.5 ft.
  • Designed for fly fishing
  • Seamless knotless tapered leader
  • Tapered leaders fused for effectiveness
  • 7.5 ft per package
  • 5x Stength design